Watumishi Housing Launches Faida Fund Unit Trust Scheme

7th November, 2022

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Faida Fund is an open-ended scheme, which seeks to create wealth to Tanzanians particularly to middle and low-income groups through investments in units to obtain competitive return through capital growth; and enhance the culture of savings in the financial assets. The new Faida Fund is expected to be launched in November 2022. The fund is expected to take on board small investors including bodaboda, students, workers, retirees, peasants etc. Faida Fund has been registered with Capital Markets and Security Authority (CMSA) in September 2020.

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Every eligible investor desirous of participating in the Scheme can be registered through the following:

1. By completing the application online via three options:

    (a) WHI website by clicking here

    (b) Mobile application through USSD using any Mobile Network:

           Dial *152*00#
           Select 1. Malipo
           Select 6. WHI
           Select 1. Tengeneza Akaunti ya Binafsi
           Then follow the procedures for registration.

    (c) Mobile application through the WHI Wekeza Mobile App.

2. By filling the manual application forms:

    (a) available at the WHI Main Offices or office branches

    (b)  by downloading from the website by clicking here