INDUSTRY: Agricultural

ISN: TZ1996103804

DATE LISTED:  23 November 2020

IPO PRICE (TZS): 500/=

website: www.jatukilimo.com/about/

JATU PLC is a Tanzanian company involved with Agriculture, industries and markets, it was registered on 20th October, 2016. The core Vision of JATU PLC is to become a leading public company in producing quality products and good services within and beyond the country, and to create employment opportunities to Tanzanians, intended to enhance income for individuals and maximize government revenues. As its Mission to achieve its Vision, JATU PLC is dedicated to ensure that human lives are enriched with good health by use of premium natural products produced by JATU PLC and implement a poverty reduction solution by use of human resources, modern agriculture and engage in industry activities and network marketing to ensure profit sharing.