The Bank of Tanzania (Central Bank) offers Treasury Bills in an interval of two weeks and Treasury Bonds for investment. Auctions are conducted at regular interval through a competitive tender process in the primary Market. The issued Government Securities (bonds) are listed in the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange where secondary trading takes place.

Treasury Bills

Treasury Bills are short-term securities maturing within a year. In the Primary Market, the Bank of Tanzania [BOT] issues T-bills for the first time on a fortnight basis.
BOT issues on T-bills in four categories with maturities as follows:
35 days T-bills
91 days T-bills
182 days T-bills
364 days T-bills

Treasury Bonds

Treasury Bonds are long-term securities with maturity longer than a year. In the Primary Market, the Bank of Tanzania [BOT] issues T-bonds at regular interval [on monthly basis], there after sales and purchases of T-bonds are traded in the Secondary Market [at Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange].

BOT issues different categories of T-bonds maturities:
2 year T-bonds
5 year T-bonds
7 year T-bonds
10 year T-bonds
15 year T-bonds
20 year T-bonds

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