Are there any risks?How can i mitigate them?


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Yes, there are risks, risks related to the Company, risks related to the industry and risk related to the macro-economy. Like all businesses, there is no guarantee that the business will perform as well as expected or at all. The Company will be investing in shares of listed companies, which means that its valuation will follow then performance of the individual companies. It is also possible for shares on the DSE to go up in value, or go down. Past performance is no guarantee that it will be repeated.

Mitigation is possible to some extent but if we know them, they stop being risks. You must therefore seek advice of professional advisers at all times. You must participate in all press briefings and attend annual general meetings as long as you remain a shareholder. Generally speaking, the nature of the business is so transparent and our Board and Management so experienced that we are unlikely to be hit by total surprises.

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