UTT AMIS history started from the Unit Trust of Tanzania (UTT).  UTT was established under the Trustee Incorporation Act, Cap 318 and was vested with the several key activities including the development of collective investment schemes; acquiring and keeping in trust the shares of privatized  enterprises and encouraging savings culture through wide participation in the ownership of distributed shares / units.  UTT wa very successful in launching unit trust schemes since five collective investment schemes were launched attracting over 90,000 investors from all over the country .

Over time UTT grew in size with total funds under management of over TZS 120 billion as at 30 June 2013 and futherdiversified into other activities in Projects Management and Microfinance businesses. Based on advice of stakeholders and the Treasury Registrar and approval of the Minister of Finance, the Unit Trust of Tanzania (UTT) was restructured into three organizations. The objective of the restructuring was to enable each of the key businesses to focus on their activities and services so as to contribute more to increasing of government revenue and promote development of the country.

The three organizations that resulted from the restructuring exercise, registered under the companies Act, 2002, include UTT Asset Management and Investor Services (UTT AMIS)UTT Microfinance (UTT MFI) and UTT Projects and Infrastructure Development (UTT PID). UTT PID and UTT MFI became operational on 1st July 2013 while UTT AMIS was re-assigned with the management of collective investment schemes from 1st October 2013.

UTT AMIS  having the track record from UTT has been awarded the Best Fund Team in Tanzania for Year 2015 by the Capital Finance International of UK.

UTT AMIS is a collective investment scheme established to develop collective investment schemes in Tanzania; acquiring and keeping in-trust the shares of privatized enterprises and encouraging savings culture through wide participation in the ownership of distributed shares / units.

These schemes are

Umoja Fund
Watoto Fund
Wekeza Maisha
Jikimu Fund
Liquid fund.
Bond Fund

UTT AMIS(Unit Trust of Tanzania)

24 September 2020
NAV Type Sale Price per Unit Repurchase Price/Unit
UMOJA 646.8331 640.3647
WEKEZA 509.1170 498.9346
WATOTO 390.0710 386.1703
JIKIMU 138.0490 135.2880
LIQUID 251.4470 251.4470
BOND FUND 105.5197 105.5197