CompanyISINDate ListedNumber
Nature of Business
Tanzania Oxygen Limited TZ1996100008 15th April, 1998 37,223,686

Production and distribution of industrial gases,welding equipments, medical gases, etc.


Tanzania Breweries Limited TZ1996100016 9th Sept, 1998 294,928,463

Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) manufactures, sells and distributes clear beer, alcoholic fruit beverages (AFB’s) and non-alcoholic beverages within Tanzania. TBL has controlling interests in Tanzania Distilleries Limited (TDL) and Darbrew Limited.



Tanzania Tea Packers Ltd.(TATEPA)


TZ1996100065 17th Dec, 1999     17,857,165 Growing,processing,blending, marketing and distribution of tea and instant.


Tanzania Cigarette Company


TZ1996100032 16th November,2000 100,000,000 Manufacturing,marketing,distribution and sale of cigarettes.

 Tanga Cement Company Limited


TZ1996100057 26thSept,2002 63,671,045 Production, sale and marketing of cement.
SWISSPORT TZ1996100040 26thSept,2006 36,000,000

 Airports handling of passengers and cargo.


Twiga Cement TZ1996100024 29th Sept,2006 179,923,100

 Production, sale and marketing of cement.


 Dar Es Salaam Community Bank


TZ1996100214 16thSeptember,2008 32,393,236 Commercial bank

National Micro-finance Bank


TZ1996100222 6th November 2008 500,000,000 Commercial bank
CRDB TZ1996100305 17th June 2009 2,176,532,160

 Commercial bank


Precision Airline


TZ1996101048 21st December 2011 193,856,750


Air transport services 


 Maendeleo Bank


TZ1996101683 4th November 2013 9,066,701


Commercial bank




TZ1996101865 11th August 2014 93,287,800 Mineral Exploration

 Mkombozi Commercial Bank (MKCB)


TZ1996101972 29th December 2014 20,615,272 Commercial Bank

 Mwalimu Commercial Bank (MCB)


TZ1996102129 27th November 2015 61,824,920 Commercial Bank

YETU Microfinance Plc. (YETU)


TZ1996102344 10th March 2016 12,112,894 Microfinance PLC

 MUCOBA Bank Plc


TZ1996102419 8th June 2016 8,156,423 Commercial Bank

 Dar es salaam Stock Exchange


TZ1996102434 12th July 2016 20,250,000 Stock Exchange


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