SOLOMON Stockbrokers Limited
A Member of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange
SOLOMON Stockbrokers Limited
A Member of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange
SOLOMON Stockbrokers Limited
A Member of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange
SOLOMON Stockbrokers Limited
A Member of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

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The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE), and Maxcom Africa (MaxMalipo) are pleased to inform the general public that DSE Mobile Trading has been successfully launched.   
DSE Mobile Trading is a new technology that now enables individual mobile telephone users to register onto the stock exchange and purchase shares in the companies listed on the exchange.
In order to join DSE Mobile Trading, mobile phone users can dial *150*36# and enter their registration details; buy shares; sell shares; and check the balance of the shares that they own among other services.This code is accessible on Vodacom, Tigo, Airtel and Zantel networks.
In order to ensure proper and effective support for DSE Mobile Trading users, the menus accessed on the*150*36# code also provide telephone numbers for customer enquiries so as to enhance support to the customer.
The advent of the new DSE Mobile Trading technology now provides you with access to a wider and growing range of investment and savings instruments on the capital markets. All from the comfort of your mobile phone.

DSE Management

Performance for the year
The results of the Company's operations for the year are set out on page 8.

Operating review
In 2014, Swala committed to entering Years 3 and 4 exploration phase of the Initial Exploration Term in both its Pangani and Kilosa – Kilombero PSAs licence areas. The work commitment in each licence during this period includes additional 2D seismic acquisition in the third contract year and drilling of one exploration well in the fourth contract year.

The Company completed the seismic acquisition programmes in the Kilosa-Kilombero and Pangani licenses to the satisfaction of the exploration work commitment programme for the third contract year. During the period, the company engaged in seismic processing and full evaluation of the seismic data for the purpose of identification of drilling leads, prospects and location on the licences. Seismic processing and full evaluation of the seismic data has been completed with the identification of Kito prospect as a drilling candidate in the Kilosa – Kilombero licence and Kikuletwa leads in the Pangani Licence. The company expects to drill wells in 2016.

Financial review
During the period, the company entered into a farm-out agreement with TATA Petrodyne Limited (TPL) (wholly-owned subsidiary of the TATA Sons of India) for a proposed transfer of 25% participating interests in each of the Pangani and Kilosa Kilombero PSAs. According to the PSAs, the proposed transaction is subject to government consents.

Upon receipt of the government consent and subject to the provisions of the farm-out agreement, Swala and TPL shall sign deed of assignment to transfer 25% participating interests in each of the Pangani and Kilosa Kilombero PSAs to TPL, in exchange for US$ 1.79m towards the past costs and up to US$ 2.1m future costs of drilling a commitment well in the Pangani licence, and US$ 3.9m towards the past costs and up to US$ 2.5m future costs of drilling a commitment well and up to a further US$1m costs of drilling a second well (contingent) in the Kilosa-Kilombero Licence.

Further details can be obtained from the link below


Sector Bank
Proposed Exchange Main Investment Market –The Dar es Salaam Stock
Exchange (Tanzania)
Shares in Issue 20,000,000.00
IPO Price per share TZS 250
Offer Opening Date 27-July-2015
Offer Closing Date 4-September-2015
Expected Listing Date 5th October 2015

MUCOBA Bank PLC (was established in December 1998 under Companies Ordinance (Cap 212) (currently, the Companies Act, Cap 212 [R.E. 2002]) with Registration No. 35471. MUCOBA Bank PLC was given a license by the bank of Tanzania (BOT) to conduct banking operations as a first Community Bank in Tanzania in May 1999 with license no. MFI A 00001. MUCOBA Bank PLC started operations to the public in June 1999. By resolution dated 17th July, 2004, the company resolved to convert from a private limited liability company to a public limited liability company and also resolved to change its name from Mufindi Community Bank to MUCOBA Bank PLC with certificate of change of name number 35471 dated 29th May 2014. 

The bank as part of its ongoing capital restructuring programme wishes to sell to the Tanzanian general public 20,000,000 ordinary shares of MUCOBA Bank PLC, representing 54.70 % of the issued and fully paid up ordinary share capital of the Company after the offer, at a price of TZS 250 per share by way of Initial Public Offer (IPO) and listing on the Main Market Investment Segment of the DSE. 

Board of Directors

Atillio Mohele Chairman BA (HONS) Economics UD, Post Graduate
Diploma (Management), MA (Economics)
Ernest C.Usangira Vice Chairman Bsc (Education),
Golden Sanga Director Certificate in Agricultural Economics, Certificate
for Grade III A
Marcellina Mkini Director Diploma (Agricultural Nutrition),
Ben Mahenge General Manager Postgraduate Diploma ( Accounts) Advanced
Diploma (Accounts)

Economic outlook
Overall macroeconomic performance continues to be fairly strong, with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growing to 7.2% in 2014 [7.0%: 2013]. GDP is estimated to remain on its current growth trajectory into the near future, with the rate of growth averaging around 7% per year. The expected positive outlook is based on the ongoing investment due to discovery of natural gas reserve and the ongoing construction of gas pipeline from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam which is expected to promote other business opportunities and general infrastructure development particularly roads, railways and related investments in power generation in the country which will further boost the domestic production. Other main drivers of GDP growth are the telecommunications, transport, financial intermediation, manufacturing, construction and retail trade sectors.

The Bank projects substantial growth prospects and sustainable macroeconomic stability. A stable growing economy creates steady platform for the banking industry to prosper and MUCOBA Bank is poised to seize opportunities. The Bank will continue implementing its business strategy with due consideration of emerging opportunities and focusing mainly in consolidation of products, systems and platforms such as
internet and mobile banking, ATMs and Point of Sale (POS) terminals to ensure quality service. Additionally to address high cost of funds, the Bank will aggressively focus on the untapped market through Service Centers.

Since its establishment, the Bank has been performing well and the table below depicts the previous three year’s (I.e. 2012, 2013 & 2014) financial status. In the fiscal year 2014, the bank had a capital of Tsh 828 million as compared to the 721million of the year 2013.The bank expects to have a share capital of5 billion by way of IPO at the end of September 2015. In 2014 the operating expenses increased to Tsh 2.6 billion, a 22.485%. Although there is an increase of expenses for the year 2014 but the profit increased from 292 million to 565 million an increase of 93.15% of profit before tax for the year 2014. Also the total assets decreased from 15 billion to 14 billion in 2014 due to establishment of agent centers in different districts of Iringa Region.

TZS 000's 2014 2013 2012
Net Interest Income 2,304,245 2,144,054 1,573,364
Operating Expenses 2,623,323 2,136,783 1,621,678
Profit before tax 565,722 292,885 240,168
Share Capital 828,038 721,483 593,540
Total Assets 14,566,838 15,030,461 10,997,527
Total Liabilities 12,713,053 13,308,599 9,573,891


Dividend Policy
Declaration of dividend depends on the state of the bank’s financial position. It is subject to Director’s recommendation and approval by the Annual General Meeting. Prospective investors should note that under the Banking Act, approval of Bank of Tanzania is required before the bank declares any dividends. Subject to the approvals, the bank will pay not less than 40% of its profits available for distribution after making due reserves as directed by BOT. Dividends payable will be subject to 5% withholding tax.

Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited (TPCC) recorded a revenue of TZS 136bn in the first half on 2015. This is an increase of 18% compared to the same period in 2014. The increase in revenue is mainly the result of increase sales volume.

The operating profit for the period was impacted by increase production costs especially raw materials and fuel costs due to depreciation of TZS versus the USD. The 20% decrease in operating profit is mainly related to insurance proceeds of TZS  5bn in 2014.

Actual cash flow has improved due to fewer in the current year versus prior year

Competition in the cement market is expected to further increase in the second half of the year. Nevertheless, TPCC enjoys a very good market position.


The Directors declare an interim dividend of TZS 95 per share (2014: TZS 70 per share) which will be paid on or about 31 October 2015.

Register of Members will close on 14 September 2015.

The last day of trading cum dividend will be 9 September 2015.

Further details can be obtained from a report throught below link

The board of directors of Swissport Tanzania is pleased to present the un- audited financial results for the six months ended 30th June 2015. During this period the number of flights and volume of cargo handled grew by 9% and 3% respectively when compared to the same period last year. The total revenue increased by 26% while operating costs went up by 17%. Profit before tax rose by 43% from TZS 6,963M to TZS 9,937M. This good result was largely driven by forex exchange gains and further additional aircraft movements, use of bigger aircraft by our customer airlines, increased cargo volumes and improved operational efficiency.

Full migration into our new import warehouse, which was envisage to be in August 2015, will now happen in October 2015 due to unforeseen construction challenges. Our corporate office will move to the new facility in November 2015 as planned.

Dividend to Shareholders
The board is delighted to announce an interim dividend of TSH 5,5784M or TSH 154.84 per issued and fully paid share (2014- TSH 3,927M or TSH 109.07 per share). Pursuant to this declaration, the share register will be closed on 28 September 2015 and the last day of trading cum dividend shall be on 22 September 2015. The interim dividend will be paid out on or about 27 November, 2015.

Future outlook
The prospects of the performance of our airline customers indicate a slight increase in the number of flights while cargo volumes are expected to remain constantly or slightly increased. To cope with the changing and demanding business environment, several strategies and plans including continued investment in the ground handling equipment and human resources development have been put in place. Generally, we are optimistic that the good performance will be sustained during the remaining part of the year.
The board wishes to express its appreciation to customers, employees, management, shareholders and the Government for their continued support.
Juan Jose Andres Alves
Swissport: Board Chairman

Further details can be obtain from the Swissport financial report through a link below

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